WYM meaning: What does WYM mean?

WYM Meaning: What does WYM mean? (with examples!)

WYM meaning: learn both definitions of this common slang.

WYM meaning can be confusing. WYM is an abbreviation for “What do you mean?” It can also mean “Watch your mouth.” This abbreviation is commonly used in text messages and text-based conversations online.

Sometimes, the abbreviations we see online and on social media can be confusing. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use WYM like a native English speaker and give you multiple examples of where and how WYM is commonly used in written conversations.

WYM Definition: What does WYM stand for?

WYM stands for “what you mean?” or “what do you mean?” Some people use the text abbreviation WDYM as a grammatically correct version, but it has the same meaning as WYM.

Less commonly, WYM can mean “watch your mouth.” You need to look at the context of the conversation to know which definition is intended.

What Does WYM Mean?

The term “WYM” is commonly used as slang to inquire about clarification. It stands for “What (do) you mean” and functions as a condensed way to ask for further information regarding someone’s statement.

The use of WYM at the beginning of a sentence can also indicate a rhetorical question, as the question mark is optional since it is understood that WYM is asking a question.

Does WYM mean “What do you mean” or “Watch your mouth”

WYM has two definitions. WYM can mean “what do you mean” or “watch your mouth.” You will need to pay attention to the context of the conversation to understand what someone means when they use the acronym WYM.

Examples of WYM: What do you mean?

WYM (what do you mean?) is most commonly used in direct messages on social media and text messages. Here are a few examples.

  1. Person A: “I can’t make it to the party tonight.”
    Person B: “WYM, you said you’d be there. What happened?”
  2. Friend 1: “I think we should talk about what happened yesterday.”
    Friend 2: “WYM? I thought everything was fine.”
  3. User 1: “I just got a new job offer, but it’s in a different city.”
    User 2: “WYM by ‘different city’? Are you moving away?”
  4. Student A: “The professor wants us to prepare a presentation for next week.”
    Student B: “WYM by ‘presentation’? Like, a PowerPoint or something else?”
  5. Colleague 1: “WYM? Can you clarify?”
    Colleague 2: “Of course, I meant to say that we should reschedule the meeting to Thursday.”

Examples of WYM: Watch Your Mouth

Here’s a few examples of WYM when it means “watch your mouth.”

  1. Person A: “I can’t believe you did that!”
    Person B: “WYM? What did I do?”
  2. Text message: “I think we should talk.”
    Response: “WYM by ‘talk’? Do you mean in person or on the phone?”
  3. User 1: “That movie was so boring.”
    User 2: “WYM? I thought it was amazing!”
  4. Person A: “I can’t make it to the party tonight.”
    Person B: “WYM, why can’t you come?”
  5. Text message: “I’m not sure about your decision.”
    Response: “WYM? Can you explain what you mean by that?

When to use WYM in English

WYM is almost always used in written English. You may occasionally hear someone say “WYM” in spoken conversation, but it is rare.

Another thing to keep in mind is that WYM is an informal abbreviation. As such, it’s safe and fun to use amongst friends, but only in informal situations. If you are using formal English, or speaking with someone you are not friends with, it’s best to avoid using WYM.

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