Technology Conversation Questions

47 Technology Conversation Questions

Use these technology conversation to spark interesting discussions!

Technology conversation questions are a great way to spark interesting discussions and practice your English. Why? Because technology has transformed the way we live, work, and communicate.

Grab a speaking partner and take turns asking each other questions from the list to practice speaking English.

Technology Conversation Questions

  1. What’s the most innovative piece of technology you’ve encountered recently?
  2. What are the advantages of technology in today’s society?
  3. What are the disadvantages of technology in our world?
  4. What negative impacts has modern technology had on your life?
  5. What kinds of technology do you use in your daily life?
  6. What are your hopes for the future of technology?
  7. Do you believe that mobile phones are necessary for each individual? Why/why not?
  8. What are some technological achievements that have occurred in your lifetime?
  9. How has technology changed the way you communicate with friends and family?
  10. What’s the most useful mobile app you have on your device, and why?
  11. How has technology influenced your learning and education?
  12. What’s the most significant technological advancement you’ve witnessed in your lifetime?
  13. How do you balance the benefits and drawbacks of technology in your daily life?
  14. What’s a technology-related challenge you’ve faced and how did you overcome it?
  15. How has technology changed the way you consume entertainment, like music and movies?
  16. What’s the most exciting future technology you’re looking forward to?
  17. How has technology impacted your work or career?
  18. What’s a piece of technology you couldn’t imagine living without, and why?
  19. How do you protect your privacy and security while using technology?
  20. What’s a technological trend that you think will shape the future?
  21. How do you think technology has changed the way people learn and access information?
  22. What’s the most impressive piece of technology you’ve seen used for medical purposes?
  23. How do you manage screen time and digital distractions in your life?
  24. What’s a technology-related hobby or interest you have, like gaming or coding?
  25. How do you think technology can contribute to solving global challenges?
  26. What’s a technology-related skill you would like to learn or improve?
  27. How do you see the relationship between technology and culture in our society?
  28. How has technology transformed the way people find and apply for jobs?
  29. What’s the most impressive example of artificial intelligence you’ve come across?
  30. How do you think technology has changed the way people shop and make purchasing decisions?
  31. What’s a piece of technology that has made transportation and travel more convenient?
  32. How has technology influenced the way you access news and stay informed about current events?
  33. What’s the most creative way you’ve seen technology used in the field of education?
  34. How do you think technology has impacted the entertainment industry, such as music and movies?
  35. What’s a technology-related ethical dilemma that you’ve thought about?
  36. How do you see technology shaping the future of healthcare and medicine?
  37. What’s the most interesting piece of technology-related trivia you know?
  38. How has technology changed the way people connect and build relationships?
  39. What’s a technology trend that you believe has the potential to revolutionize an industry?
  40. How has technology impacted the way people express themselves creatively, such as through art and writing?
  41. What’s the most exciting piece of emerging technology that you’ve read about?
  42. How do you think technology can play a role in addressing environmental issues?
  43. What’s a technology-related topic that you enjoy discussing with friends or family?
  44. How has technology influenced the way people exercise and maintain their physical health?
  45. What’s the most unusual or unexpected way you’ve seen technology being used?
  46. How do you think technology has changed the way people approach learning languages?
  47. What’s a technology-related challenge that you think humanity will face in the next decade?

We’ve explored a range of technology conversation questions, carefully designed to spark insightful discussions among ESL learners. 

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