Simple Present Questions for ESL Learners

40 Fun Simple Present Questions for English Learners

In this blog post, we’ve listed a collection of simple present questions designed to help you practice your English speaking skills while using the simple present tense. The simple present tense is a fundamental aspect of English grammar that allows us to express actions, habits, and facts in the present time.

Engaging in discussions about the simple present tense not only enhances language skills but also promotes clarity, effective communication, and the understanding of everyday situations. Have fun!

List of Simple Present Questions

  1. Do you often read books in your free time?
  2. How does your morning routine usually unfold?
  3. Are there any foods that you dislike?
  4. What hobbies or activities do you enjoy during weekends?
  5. Do you use public transportation to commute?
  6. How often do you check your email or social media accounts?
  7. Are there any historical facts about your country that you find interesting?
  8. How do you typically spend your evenings after work or school?
  9. Do you practice any form of physical exercise regularly?
  10. What languages do you speak fluently?
  11. Are there any places you visit frequently, such as cafes or parks?
  12. How do you show appreciation or kindness to others in your daily life?
  13. Do you watch movies or television shows on a regular basis?
  14. How do you handle stress or challenging situations?
  15. Are there any traditions or customs you follow during holidays?
  16. What do you do to keep your living space clean and organized?
  17. How often do you interact with your family members or close friends?
  18. Do you have a favorite type of music or artist?
  19. How do you manage your time between work, leisure, and responsibilities?
  20. Are there any daily routines or habits you consider important for your well-being?
  21. Will you travel to another country in the next year?
  22. How will you celebrate your next birthday?
  23. Are you planning to learn a new language?
  24. What do you think you will be doing in five years?
  25. Will you attend any concerts or events in the coming months?
  26. What countries do you want to visit in the future?
  27. Are you going to try any new hobbies?
  28. What do you think the world will be like in 50 years?
  29. Will you pursue further education in the future?
  30. Are you planning to change your job in the near future?
  31. Do you think you will live in a different city someday?
  32. What achievements do you hope to accomplish in the future?
  33. Are you going to participate in any volunteer projects?
  34. What technological advancements do you expect to see?
  35. Will you be involved in any community initiatives?
  36. How do you imagine your family life in the future?
  37. Are you planning to buy a house or a car?
  38. What books or movies are you looking forward to?
  39. Will you be attending any family gatherings or reunions?
  40. What environmental changes do you predict for the future?

Remember, the simple present tense helps us convey information about ongoing actions and regular routines.

Need more conversation questions to practice your English? Check out the other ESL Discussion Topics and ESL conversation questions on our site. And please share your thoughts on these questions and suggest additional topics for future discussions in the comments below!

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