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30 simple future questions to practice your English

Use the simple future tense to discuss future scenarios.

Practice your English speaking skills with this list of simple future questions. Using the future tense to discuss future scenarios is an important step in every ESL student’s journey to English fluency.

Remember: in English, we use the simple future tense to discuss actions and events that will happen in the future.

This tense is formed by adding “will” or “be going to” before the base form of the verb. For example, “I will study for my exam tomorrow.” or “I am going to go to the movies next weekend.”

List of simple future questions

  1. What are you going to have for breakfast?
  2. Are we going to have pasta for lunch again?
  3. What time are you going to wake up tomorrow?
  4. Will you go to the gym tomorrow?
  5. What are you going to do this weekend?
  6. Are you going to learn any new skills in the future?
  7. Are you going to travel anywhere this year?
  8. Will you attend any events or concerts in the coming months?
  9. Are you going to see your family soon?
  10. Will it be sunny tomorrow?
  11. Will it be cloudy today?
  12. Will you bring your puppy to class next week?
  13. Are you going to join us this weekend?
  14. Who is going to win this game of chess?
  15. What will happen if the teacher doesn’t show up?
  16. What will you do if the meeting is cancelled?
  17. Will you be going to lunch with the team today?
  18. Will you bring your cat to the cabin this weekend?
  19. Will you learn any new foreign languages this year?
  20. What time will you get to school tomorrow?
  21. Will you vote in the next election?
  22. Are you going to attend university next year?
  23. Are you going to graduate soon?
  24. Will you move to a different city next year?
  25. Are you going to sell your car?
  26. Where will you be in five years time?
  27. What do you think you’ll be doing in 10 years’ time?
  28. Will global warming have an impact on your life in the next five years?
  29. Are you going to run away from all of your responsibilities?
  30. Will you go on a date with me next week?

You’ll find that this list of conversation questions is perfect for intermediate and pre-intermediate students.

Future-focused questions are always fun ESL discussion topic for the classroom, because they encourage students to share more about their real life future plans. Subscribe for more future conversation questions. And tell us: what other ESL conversation questions would you like us to write about? Add your comments below!

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