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20 ESL Conversation Questions About Hobbies

Put your English speaking skills to the test with this collection of conversation questions about hobbies.

Learn new vocabulary and practice speaking English with these conversation questions about hobbies. Hobbies play a big role in our lives, providing a means of relaxation, self-expression, and personal growth.

Discussions about hobbies can help you share your experience, express your interests, and explore how other people engage with hobbies in your country and around the world.

List of Questions About Hobbies

  1. What is your favorite hobby? Why?
  2. How did you discover your interest in your current hobby?
  3. Can hobbies have a positive impact on our well-being? How?
  4. Are there any hobbies you have always wanted to try? What are they?
  5. How do hobbies contribute to personal growth and development?
  6. Do you prefer solitary hobbies or those that involve interacting with others? Why?
  7. What are some popular hobbies in your country or culture?
  8. How can hobbies provide a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life?
  9. Have you ever turned your hobby into a profession or a side business? Share your experience.
  10. How can hobbies foster creativity and innovation?
  11. What are some affordable hobbies that people can pursue without breaking the bank?
  12. Can hobbies help us connect with others and build social relationships? How?
  13. Are there any traditional or cultural hobbies that you find interesting? Describe them.
  14. How do hobbies provide an escape from daily stresses and pressures?
  15. What are some ways to find like-minded individuals who share similar hobbies?
  16. Can hobbies be a form of self-care? How?
  17. How do hobbies contribute to maintaining a healthy work-life balance?
  18. Have you ever faced any challenges or obstacles in pursuing your hobby? How did you overcome them?
  19. Can hobbies help us develop new skills and broaden our knowledge?
  20. What advice would you give to someone looking to discover a new hobby?

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