conversation questions about fame

20 Conversation Questions About Fame

Wanna be a celebrity? Improve your English with these questions about fame!

Improve your conversation skills with this list of questions about fame. Fame is a concept that captivates our attention, representing recognition, success, and public attention.

Discussions about fame always create some interesting moments in the ESL classroom. Your students will enhance their language skills and engage in critical thinking as they explore societal values and reflect on the impact of fame on individuals and society.

List of Questions About Fame

  1. Do you want to be famous? Why or why not?
  2. What is your definition of fame?
  3. How does fame impact an individual’s personal life and relationships?
  4. Are there any famous people from your country that you admire? Who are they and why?
  5. How does the media influence our perception of fame?
  6. Can fame be both a blessing and a curse? Explain.
  7. What are some positive and negative aspects of being famous?
  8. How do celebrities handle their privacy in the face of fame?
  9. What responsibilities do famous individuals have towards their fans and society?
  10. How does social media contribute to the pursuit of fame?
  11. Are there any ethical concerns related to the pursuit of fame? Discuss.
  12. What qualities or talents do you think are necessary to achieve fame?
  13. How do people’s attitudes towards fame differ across cultures?
  14. Do you think fame is an accurate measure of success or talent? Why or why not?
  15. What impact does fame have on mental health and well-being?
  16. Are there any famous individuals who have used their fame to make positive changes in the world? Provide examples.
  17. How can fame influence one’s sense of identity and self-worth?
  18. How does fame affect young people’s aspirations and goals?
  19. Can fame be fleeting? Share examples of celebrities who have experienced a decline in fame.
  20. How does society’s obsession with fame shape our values and aspirations?

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