Questions about Discrimination

20 ESL Conversation Questions About Discrimination

Spark important conversations with this list of questions about discrimination, tailored for ESL learners. Discrimination is an extremely important social issue that encompasses bias, prejudice, and unequal treatment based on various factors.

While discussions about discrimination can enhance language skills and foster empathy, inclusivity, and equality, it can be a sensitive issue for many people. Ask for everyone’s OK before proceeding with this ESL Discussion Topic in your classroom.

List of Questions About Discrimination

  1. What does discrimination mean to you?
  2. Have you ever experienced discrimination personally? Share your experience.
  3. How can discrimination impact individuals and communities?
  4. What are some common forms of discrimination (e.g., racial, gender, age, etc.)?
  5. How does discrimination affect the well-being and mental health of those who experience it?
  6. What steps can individuals take to challenge and combat discrimination in their daily lives?
  7. Are there any laws or regulations in your country that address discrimination? Explain.
  8. How does discrimination hinder progress and development in society?
  9. What are some strategies to promote inclusivity and reduce discrimination in educational institutions?
  10. How does discrimination manifest in the workplace? Share examples.
  11. What role does media play in perpetuating stereotypes and discrimination?
  12. How can we promote acceptance and understanding among different cultures and religions?
  13. What are some positive examples of efforts to combat discrimination that you are aware of?
  14. How can schools and educational systems address discrimination and promote diversity?
  15. Do you think discrimination is primarily driven by ignorance or fear? Explain.
  16. How can bystanders intervene to support those experiencing discrimination?
  17. Should affirmative action policies be implemented to address discrimination? Why or why not?
  18. How does discrimination intersect with other social issues, such as poverty or healthcare access?
  19. How can individuals educate themselves and others about the impacts of discrimination?
  20. What is the role of empathy in creating a more inclusive and accepting society?

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