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50 conversation questions about AI & artificial intelligence

Discussing artificial intelligence (AI) is an important conversation to have.

Practice your English speaking skills with these conversation questions about AI and artificial intelligence. The AI industry is developing at breakneck speed. And artificial intelligence software, applications, and machines are all changing the world faster than we could have ever imagined.

These ESL conversation questions will generate lively discussions in the classroom and help your students engage in an extremely important discussion topic while they practice their English.

List of questions about AI and artificial intelligence

  1. How would you describe AI?
  2. How does AI work?
  3. What excites you the most about AI?
  4. What scares you the most about AI?
  5. What are the potential benefits of AI?
  6. What are some of the dangers of artificial intelligence?
  7. How are people using AI currently? List as many as ways or applications of AI as you can.
  8. What are some future uses of AI? How many can you imagine?
  9. Will AI benefit you personally? If so, how?
  10. Have you used Chat GPT yet? What was your first impression?
  11. What other AI tools have you used?
  12. Do you think that AI will change or replace certain industries?
  13. How do you currently use or interact with AI? List a few examples.
  14. Will your line of work be impacted positively or negatively by AI?
  15. Which professions will be fully replaced by AI?
  16. Which professions will be forced to change due to the evolution of AI?
  17. Which professions will benefit from AI?
  18. Do you think that AI will change healthcare? How?
  19. Would you be comfortable seeing an “AI Doctor” or an “AI Nurse”?
  20. Do you think that AI will change education? If so, how?
  21. Would you send your child to a school where the teachers were all humanlike robots powered by AI?
  22. Do you think that AI will have any impact on the environment?
  23. Would you like to have ann AI assistants or programs in your home?
  24. Would you like to have a human-like, AI-powered robot in your home?
  25. Would you feel safe in an autonomous car that was powered by—and driven by—AI?
  26. Would you feel safe in a plane that was being piloted by an AI-powered system?
  27. Do you think that humans can develop a friendship or relationship with AI?
  28. Is it a good idea or a bad idea to teach AI-powered machines emotions?
  29. Do you think that AI will turn on humanity one day?
  30. Do you think that AI will always want to support and serve humanity? Why or why not?
  31. Who is better at making decisions: humans or AI?
  32. Have AI programs stolen information from creators?
  33. Has AI stolen private data from citizens?
  34. Will AI lead to a better life for all of humanity, or only some of humanity?
  35. What are the geopolitical implications of AI?
  36. Will every country use AI for good?
  37. How will AI impact future political conflicts?
  38. Do you suspect that AI is more advanced than we currently realize? Why or why not?
  39.  Is it a good idea for AI to replace employment completely, so that humans are free to spend their time doing whatever they please?
  40. Do you think that governments will use AI to their advantage?
  41. What are some of the positive ways that governments can use AI to benefit society?
  42. What are some of the bad or nefarious ways that governments might use AI to their advantage?
  43. What kind of regulations should be in place to control the development of AI?
  44. What kind of regulations should be in place to control the use of AI?
  45. Who should be in charge of developing AI ethics?
  46. Should the world share the same set of AI ethics and regulations? Or will different countries develop their own set of rules to govern the development and use of AI?
  47. Should everyone in the world have access to AI?
  48. What will happen to countries that don’t have access to AI?
  49. Is it safe for an AI program to know everything about you? Why or why not?
  50. How do you think AI machines will influence human interaction in the future?

Due to the complexity of these conversation questions about AI and the nature of artificial intelligence as a whole, you may find that this list of conversation questions is ideal for intermediate to advanced English speakers and ESL students.

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