Questions About Addiction

40 questions about addiction

Discussing questions about addiction can be a helpful English speaking exercise for your advanced ESL students. Just keep in mind that addiction can be a sensitive topic for many people, so it needs to be approached with respect and care in the classroom.

List of addiction questions

  1. How do you define addiction? Describe it in your own words.
  2. What are the different types of addiction that someone can develop?
  3. Have you ever been addicted to anything in your life?
  4. Are you currently addicted to anything?
  5. Can addiction be healthy?
  6. Is addiction always unhealthy?
  7. What are some signs and symptoms of addiction?
  8. Do you think that addiction is genetic or inherited?
  9. What things or factors contribute to the development of addiction?
  10. Can addiction impact a person’s physical health? How?
  11. Can addiction change a person’s mental health? How?
  12. How does addiction impact a person’s work or academic performance?
  13. How does addiction affect the brain and its reward system?
  14. What are some psychological effects of addiction?
  15. What are the social and relational consequences of addiction?
  16. Can addiction be successfully treated and overcome?
  17. What are the common treatment options for addiction?
  18. Are there medications available to help with addiction recovery?
  19. What is withdrawal and why does it occur during addiction recovery?
  20. Can addiction occur with behaviors or activities, such as gambling or gaming?
  21. How does addiction affect family members and loved ones?
  22. When should someone consider hosting an “intervention” for a loved one who is suffering from addiction?
  23. What are some risk factors that make certain individuals more vulnerable to addiction?
  24. Can addiction co-occur with other mental health disorders?
  25. Are there effective prevention strategies for addiction?
  26. How can friends and family support someone struggling with addiction?
  27. What are some common misconceptions or myths about addiction?
  28. How does addiction impact an individual’s decision-making abilities?
  29. Can addiction be considered a chronic disease? Why or why not?
  30. What are some potential long-term consequences of untreated addiction?
  31. What are some behavioral or lifestyle changes that can support addiction recovery?
  32. Are there alternative or complementary therapies that can be helpful in treating addiction?
  33. What are some common triggers or cues that can lead to relapse in individuals recovering from addiction?
  34. Can addiction be effectively managed through self-help or support groups?
  35. Is there a link between addiction and trauma?
  36. How does addiction affect the financial well-being of individuals and families?
  37. Can addiction impact a person’s ability to maintain healthy relationships?
  38. What role does peer pressure play in the development of addiction?
  39. What are some common myths about addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities?
  40. Can addiction relapse be prevented? What strategies can be employed to reduce the risk?

What other questions about addiction would you add to this list? Add your suggestions to the comments.

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