Other ways to say It's Hot in English

21 other ways to say it’s hot in English (with examples!)

In this guide, you’ll learn 21 other ways to say it’s hot in English. Weather is a very common topic of conversation. Knowing how to describe the weather in detail is a great way to improve your English fluency and sound like a native English speaker.

Let’s learn some new ways to say it’s hot in English. If you know any other ways to say hot in English, add them to the comments section below!

21 other ways to say it’s hot in English

  1. It’s blazing hot
  2. It’s scorching hot
  3. It’s boiling hot
  4. It’s tropical
  5. It’s a heatwave
  6. It’s burning hot
  7. It’s steaming hot
  8. It’s stifling 
  9. It’s sizzling hot
  10. It’s baking hot
  11. It’s roasting hot
  12. It’s sweltering
  13. It’s scalding hot
  14. It’s searing hot
  15. It’s ovenlike 
  16. It’s smoking hot
  17. It’s summery
  18. It’s ridiculously hot
  19. It’s crazy hot
  20. It’s super hot
  21. It’s oppressively hot

How to use hot in a sentence (examples)

  1. It’s blazing hot outside.
  2. It’s scorching hot inside the car.
  3. The water is boiling hot. Don’t touch it!
  4. This heat is tropical. I’m sweating!
  5. Yikes, we’re experiencing a heatwave today.
  6. The sand is burning hot. You should wear shoes.
  7. It’s steaming hot in the bedroom. Do you have an air conditioner?
  8. It’s stifling in this office. Can we open a window?
  9. It’s going to be sizzling hot today. I love hot weather!
  10. My skin baking hot. I should sit in the shade.
  11. I’m roasting hot. I should drink some water.
  12. Gosh it’s sweltering outside right now. Did they mention a heat wave on the news today?
  13. The concrete is scalding hot. Will this extreme heat ever go away?
  14. The car seats are searing hot. I guess that’s what happens in peak summer.
  15. Geez this heat is ovenlike. Do we really need to go outside today?
  16. The engine is smoking hot. I think we have a problem on our hands.
  17. It’s so nice and summery today! I’m definitely a summer person.
  18. It’s ridiculously hot outside. I think there was a heat advisory.
  19. The sidewalk is crazy hot—let’s not take the dog out right now.
  20. It’s super hot this evening. I wonder if it will be like this all night.
  21. It’s going to be oppressively hot this week. I hope you have a fan in your bedroom.

Does hot mean sexy in English?

Yes, hot can also mean ‘sexy’ in English. If you describe someone as hot, you are saying that they are attractive, sexy, or sexually desirable. If you describe something as hot, you mean that it is fun, appealing, or sexy.

What is the difference between hot, sexy, sexually attractive, and cute?

Hot , sexy, and sexually attractive are synonyms (they all mean the same thing), whereas cute is used to describe someone or something as attractive, pretty, or fun, but not in a sexual way.

Do you know any other ways to say it’s hot in English?

Share your suggestions and example sentences in the comments section below!

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