Health Conversation Questions

35 Health Conversation Questions to Improve Your English

Practice speaking English with these health conversation questions!

Health conversation questions are a great way to learn about others and better understand yourself, because health is a universal issue that encompasses physical, mental, and emotional dimensions.

In this guide, you’ll find a list of health conversation questions designed for ESL learners. Use this list to practice your English speaking skills. Ready to get started? Grab a speaking partner and dive right in!

List of Health Conversation Questions

  1. How do you prioritize your physical health in your daily routine?
  2. Do you consider yourself to be a healthy person?
  3. What steps do you take to maintain a balanced diet?
  4. How often do you engage in regular physical exercise?
  5. What are your strategies for managing stress effectively?
  6. How is your health these days?
  7. How do you ensure your mental health is well-maintained?
  8. Describe the differences between physical health and mental health.
  9. What healthy habits did you adopt during the pandemic?
  10. How often do you seek professional medical advice?
  11. What role does mindfulness play in your overall health?
  12. How do you manage your screen time for better well-being?
  13. How do you support others in their health journeys?
  14. What are your thoughts on alternative medicine practices?
  15. How has technology impacted your health and well-being?
  16. How do cultural factors influence health practices?
  17. How do you cope with seasonal illnesses like colds or allergies?
  18. What are your strategies for staying hydrated?
  19. How do you strike a balance between work and health?
  20. How do you stay informed about health-related news?
  21. What role do hobbies and leisure activities play in your well-being?
  22. How do you approach conversations about health with your family?
  23. Do you worry about your health?
  24. Is your social circle full of healthy people or unhealthy people?
  25. Do you have a history of good health or bad health in your family?
  26. Do you typically eat healthy foods or unhealthy foods?
  27. What is health care like in your country?
  28. Is it easy for people to access health care in your country? Why or why not?
  29. What is the cost of health care in your country? Is it free or do individuals need to pay?
  30. How many types of health can you name? (e.g. physical, mental, dental, etc.)
  31. What are the most important health care issues we face as a society?
  32. Why do you think there is a mental health stigma attached to mental health?
  33. Can you name any chronic health conditions in English?
  34. Can you name any common injuries in English?
  35. How many hours of sleep do you personally need to maintain good health?

Did you have fun with this list of health questions? In our experience, because health issues are relatively personal to each individual, focusing on health questions usually makes for some very engaging ESL conversation practice sessions.

If you need more discussion topics to keep going with your ESL speaking practice, check out the other resources in our ESL Conversation Questions and ESL Discussion Topics series.

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