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21 ESL conversation questions about fashion and clothes

According to Rachel Zoe, “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” But if your ESL students want to speak confidently in English, helping them learn how to discuss clothes and fashion is an essential step on the path to fluency.

Arrange your students into groups or pairs and have them work their way through these ESL conversation questions about clothes and fashion.

21 ESL conversation questions about fashion and clothes

  1. Do you think that you’re judged on the way you dress? If so, how?
  2. Is dressing well important to you?
  3. How would you describe your personal style?
  4. Why do you enjoy this style more than others?
  5. Do you like buying designer brands?
  6. Where do you go shopping for clothes?
  7. Do you enjoy shopping at secondhand or “thrift” stores?
  8. What is your favourite item of clothing? Why?
  9. What is your favourite fashion accessory? Why?
  10. Who are your favourite fashion designers?
  11. How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning?
  12. How often do you go clothes shopping?
  13. How much money do you spend on clothes and shoes each month? What about each year?
  14. What’s the most you’ve ever spent in a single clothes shopping trip?
  15. Would you spend more if you could afford it?
  16. Do you like to keep up with fashion trends?
  17. What is your favourite fashion trend?
  18. What is your least favourite fashion trend?
  19. Do you think it’s okay for people to dress up their pets?
  20. Do you prefer to shop for clothes online or in a physical store?
  21. Do you enjoy shopping for clothes?

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